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VRG Management Services

VRG Management Services, Inc. is a fully licensed real estate property management firm specializing in Apartments and U.S. Federal Government build-to-suit lease back office buildings.  Stephen Biagiotti, the company’s founder, has been in the property management business since 1979.  During that time VRG Management Services, Inc. has been the property manager of  48 office buildings, 9 apartment communities, 8 neighborhood shopping centers and 23 land developments.  These developments have an aggregate value of over $800 Million.

Currently VRG Management Services, Inc. has contracts to manage six apartment communities with a total of 1,062 units and twenty-one office buildings.

The firm is fully integrated and can coordinate with in-house affiliates to act as a Developer with in-house entities acting as Contractor, Architect and Property Manager. 

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