About SDA Inc.

The firm takes the development process from the conceptual idea through site selection, architectural design, financing, construction, leasing and property management to maximize the investment potential of the real estate. SDA is a developer, general contractor (VRG Construction Company), architect (BCA Design, LLC), property manager and a real estate broker (VRG Management Services). These professions are combined to ensure quality, investment grade real estate development.

A variety of office complexes, neighborhood shopping centers, industrial buildings, multi-family housing and land developments have been developed by the principals of SDA, indicating the variety of its development activity.

Our Philosophy  
Real Estate Development
  • SDA Inc. is a fully integrated real estate development firm specializing in Apartments and U.S. Government build-to-suit lease back office buildings.
General Contractor
  • VRG Construction Company is SDA"s affiliated exclusive construction company.  VRG only builds properties when SDA is the Developer.  VRG is a licensed General Contractor in most western states.
Property Manager
  • VRG Management Services, Inc. is SDA"s affiliated property management entity and like VRG and BCA, it only manages properties that SDA has developed or owns.
  • BCA Design is SDA"s affiliated architectural firm and that entity designs properties that SDA will develop.  That entity is licensed in a number of Western States.

Corporate Philosophy

Our Development Team is composed of four affiliated entities:  SDA INC., the Developer; BCA Design, an Architectural Firm; VRG Construction, a General Contractor, and VRG Management Services, a Property Management Company.  Our in house team is familiar with all aspects of development and thusly are able to work expeditiously.This successful development team has over 30 years of combined experience worked and has built over 65 GSA/BLM build-to-suits together.  Several of these buildings are very similar in security, complexity, and quality.  Unique to the business, SDA"s in-house property manager is able to help us communicate with the tenants when those unfortunate problems in buildings happen.  VRG Management is our in house manager who will coordinate with our tenants to ensure peace of mind.

We have found that in a long term working relationship, both the owner and tenant will find the best possible solutions to day to day issues.  Our philosophy is simple.  A happy tenant is a good tenant. 

VRG Management has managed buildings exclusively for SDA INC. since its inception in 1988.  VRG Management currently manages 16 Federal government-leased office buildings that SDA INC. has developed, including two FBI locations.  By having an in house property manager, we are able to dedicate ourselves to making long term decisions quickly and easily ensuring that things go as smoothly at a facility that we intend to own through the duration of the lease.  People and contractors may change over 20 years, but our team atmosphere of in house professionals and long term organization help to ensure the best possible working relationship with our tenants.

In short, our corporate philosophy is to create the most headache free environment for a premier Government agency moving into a new home, and ensure a long term relationship that can last beyond the terms of the lease.