Construction Services

VRG Construction Company is SDA Inc.'s exclusive General Contractor, and is licensed in the following states with reciprocity in numerous others:

  • Arizona - ROC 188621
  • California - 815248
  • Colorado - Various cities and counties
  • Montana - 47987
  • Nevada - 0037232
  • North Dakota 32540
  • Oregon - License Pending
  • Utah - 98-366996-5501
  • Washington - VRGCOC*013KL
Real Estate Development
  • SDA Inc. is a fully integrated real estate development firm specializing in Apartments and U.S. Government build-to-suit lease back office buildings.
Property Manager
  • VRG Management Services, Inc. is SDA"s affiliated property management entity and like VRG and BCA, it only manages properties that SDA has developed or owns.
  • SDA Inc. designs properties for real estate development. SDA is licensed in a number of Western States.
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